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“Record Keeping Is A Pivotal Part of Beekeeping.”

"Hive Tracks is a valuable service that all beekeepers should be using.  Beekeepers like to think they are able to remember what they saw and what they did the last time they went into their beehive.  But the reality is our memories are not as good as we thought they might be.  Hive Tracks removes the element of doubt.  Record keeping is a pivotal part of beekeeping."

Shane Gebauer
General Manager of Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Know your bees

“Documentation Is Very Important.”

Robin Jordan
Beekeeper from Oklahoma

"2013 was our first year to have bees.  My husband and I started by first taking classes offered by the Northeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association (NEOBA) located in Tulsa, OK.  NEOB was where we heard about Hive Tracks.  We do enjoying using the software for our bee inspections.  Documentation is very important and Hive Tracks allows us to take better care of our records."

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Know Your Bees

Foster the health and productivity of your honey bees by recording important beekeeping musts.  Relax, we'll show you exactly what to do.


The ease and convienence of accessing your beekeeping data in the cloud has never been easier.  Want to access your data on a tablet or smartphone?  We've got you covered.


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Ever wondered how other beekeepers in your neighborhood are doing with their hives?  We would love to get you connected.  Get started today!


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“I Love What You Guys Are Doing With Hive Tracks."

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Glen Powell, Byhalia, AL

“Awesome.  It was easy for me to set up 8 hives in 3 different yards.  You guys ROCK!”

Tyson Hermes, Erlanger, KY

“I can simulate what my beeyard actually looks like in real time.”

Jeff Brooks, Deep Gap, NC

Hive Tracks is referenced in the widely read book Beekeeping For Dummies.  Get Your Copy Today.

Hive Tracks Co-Founder Dr. James Wilkes invited to give a TED Talk on Hive Tracks during 2014.

Featured Articles on Hive Tracks in America's leading magazine on Beekeeping

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